dj Ye:n soittolistoja:


Tampere Fetish Factory 17.08.2002

nimikkeellä "Jiituomas"; tanssittavaa kamaa erittäin sekalaiselle yleisölle


Mix: [Diamanda Galas: This is the Law of the Plague (Plague Mass) + Sonic Mayhem: #10 (Quake II Expansion kit Ground Zero)]

Sunscreem: Broken English (7" version) (Broken English)

Android Lust: Suffer the Flesh (Resolution)

Sophia: Dirt (Spite)

Texas: Summer Son (The Hush)

Hellsau: Taste (Birmingham 6 Salvation rmx) (Awake the Machines)

Soma: Nowhere Nothin' Fuck Up (Hollow Earth)

Sun of the Sleepless: Neunter November (To Magic 2)

The KLF: Justified and Ancient (Stand by the Jams) (Justified and Ancient)

Noisex: Maschinwörk (Over and Out)

Hanzel & Gretyl: 9D Galactic Center (Transmissions from Uranus)

Eskimos & Egypt: Headhunter (Wing Commander: Prophecy OST)

VNV Nation: Honour (Praise the Fallen)

Obsc(y)re: Hand of my Watch (Heavenly Venture)

Frank Zappa: Bobby Brown Goes Down (Sheik Yerbouti)

Paradise Lost: The Hour (One Second)

:Wumpscut: Ewig (Boeses Junges Fleisch)

Die Krupps: The Vampire Strikes Back (Wing Commander: Prophecy OST)

U96: Der Kommendant (Das Boot)

Depeche Mode: Freelove (Exciter)

No Festival of Light: Deus Otiosus (If god lived on earth we would break his windows)

Dellerium: Euphoria (Firefly)



KMY:n Vuosipäiväseremonia 21.09.2002

nimikkeellä "Ye"; pahasti rikkinäisin ja epäluotettavin cd-soittimin


Goblin: L'Alba dei morti viventi (Collection 1975 - 1989)

Sol Invictus: Driftwood Thrones (Thrones)

Von Thronstahl: Fahnenträger (E Pluribus Unum)

Orplid: Später Tag (Nächtlige Jünger)

Attrition: I Am (From Across This Gray Land 2)

Orplid: Söhne des Ares (Nächtlige Jünger)

Current 93: To Blackened Earth (Island)

Swans: Power and Sacrifice (White Light From the Mouth of Infinity)

Sophia: Pride (Spite)

Sleeping With the Earth: Leverage (Battery Sentinel 2)

Basil Poledouris: Anvil of Crom (Conan the Barbarian OST)

Der Blutharsch: #4 (Gold gab ich für Eisen)

Karjalan Sissit: Inner Pain (Miserere)

Tenhi: Ciwenkierto (Airut:Ciwi)

Philip Glass: Sand Mandala (Kundun OST)

Chu Ishikawa: A Burned Figure (Tetsuo OST)

Tarmvred: Subfusc Part One (Subfusc)

Sutcliffe Jügend: First Victim : WITH KNIFE : Left To Die With Many Cuts (When Pornography is no Longer Enough)

Imminent Starvation: Lost Highway 45 (Human Dislocation)

Memorandum: New Primitivism (Ars Moriendi)

No festival of Light: Thou Shalt! (The Virtue of Selfishness)

LEAK: #7 (The Old Teahouse)

Free Death: In Search Of…(Begone) (Green)

Einstürzende Neubauten: Armenia (Strategies Against Architecture II)

Ulf Söderberg: Det Vakande Tinget I Nordväst (Nattljus)

Letum: Ictus (Entrance to Salvation)

Verde: Welcome to the Bedrock Party (Osta oma Tampere)

Institut: 10th gear power (A Great Day To Get Even)

Soma: Nowhere Nothin' Fuck Up (Hollow Earth)

Front 242: Crapage (06:21:03:11 Up Evil)

Deutsch Nepal: Static (Erosion)

Fetisch Park: Last Strip (Untitled(Ten))

Cristopher Bowers-Broadbent: Satyagraha Act III: Conclusion (Trivium)


Mix: [Britney Spears: I'mA Slave 4 U (I'mA Slave 4 U) + Brighter Death Now: I Wish I Was A Little Girl (May All Be Dead)]

Iron Justice: Nothing and Again Nothing (Estheticks of Cruelty)

Nefilim: Melt (The Catching of the Butterfly) (Zoon)



SMFR:n itsenäisyyspäiväbileet 6.12.2002
(Jiituomaan ja DJ Cirruksen yhteinen setti, sekaisin industrialia ja mainstream-tanssimusiikkia)


8.2.2003 Tenhi & Nest

DJ Ye (yleisön toiveet merkitty tähdellä)

Georg Ots: Rakastan sinua, elämä (Unohtumaton Georg Ots)

NON: Fire in the Organism/Vengeance (In the Shadow of the Sword)

The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud: #12 ("Children's Crusade") (Rest on your Arms reversed)

Current 93: Broken Birds Fly (Maldoror Waits) (Horsey)

L'Orchestre Noir: Comes the Dawn (Eleven)

Blood Axis: The March of Brian Boru (Blót - Sacrifice in Sweden)

Garmarna: Varulven (Guds Spelemän)

Hagalaz' Runedance: Volven (Volven)

Gjallarhorn: Dejelill och Lagerman (Sjofn)

Sverrir Gudjónsson: Grafskrift (Epitaph)

Orplid: Maria (Nächtliche Jünger)

Der Blutharsch: #7 ("Vaterland") (The pleasures received in pain)

Sophia: Herbstwerk (Herbstwerk)

Ontario Blue: Chant of the Forgiven (Shine)

Ulf Söderberg: Det vakande tinget i nordväst (Nattljus)

:Of the Wand and the Moon: Lion Serpent Sun (Nighttime Nightrhymes)

Forseti: Verzweiflung (Windzeit)

Thanatos: Erich Honecker Scrapbook (an embassy to Gaius)

Leonard Cohen: Dress Rehearsal Rag (Songs of Love and Hate)

Arcana: We Rise Above (Inner Pale Sun)

Merlons Lichter: Maifeuer (Die wahre Mutter Gottes)

Test Dept: Agincourt (Proven in Action)

Death In June: The Accidental Protégé (Rose Clouds of Holocaust)

Ordo Equilibrio: Living by the Sword. Dying by the Sword. The lustrous Banquet. (The Triumph of Light... and Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love)

Empyrium: Where at night the wood grouse plays (Where at night the wood grouse plays)

Swans: Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Einstürzende Neubauten: Bili Rubin (Stella Maris)

Johnny Cash: Hurt (American IV: The Man Comes Around)

The Protagonist: Mutability (A Rebours)

* Arcana: My Cold Sea (Inner Pale Sun)

Amber Asylum: Everything You Touch (Songs of Sex and Death) - (#10) (Neural Architect)




Von Thronstahl: Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland (Imperium Internum)

* Swans: You Know Nothing (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Dream Into Dust: Farewell to Eden (The World We Have Lost)

* Johnny Cash: Thirteen (American Recordings)

Fire + Ice: Rûna (Rûna)

Ulver: Kledt i Nattens Farger (Kvedssanger)

* Nature And Organisation: Bloodstreamruns (Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude)

Changes: R.I.P Van Winkle's Pipe Dream (Fire of Life)

Sol Invictus: The Killing Tide (Let Us Prey)

* Bauhaus: She's in Parties (1979 - 1983 Volume Two)

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus: Shadowlands (Mirror)




Wolfsheim: Übers Jahr (Dreaming Apes)

* Death In June: Luther's Army (Rose Clouds of Holocaust)

Attrition: I Am (Étude)

Arcanta: Song of the Sun (The Power of a New Aeon)

Vicki Richards: Prayer of the Heart (From Across This Gray Land vol. 2 )

* Johnny Cash: Mercy Seat (American III: Solitary Man)

* Arcana: Innocent Child (Inner Pale Sun)

Arvo Pärt: Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten (for string orchestra and bell) (Summa)


15.03.03 Latenight Worship Service, Tampere

"Jiituomas", kuluneimpia
goottihittejä niitä rehellisesti arvostavalle yleisölle.


Mark Snow: Millennium Theme (-)

Steven Stapleton & David Tibet: The Dead Side of the Moon (Musical Pumpkin Cottage)

The Sisterhood: Rain from Heaven (Gift)

The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus: Dies Irae (La Liturgie Pour La Fin Du Temps)

Björk: Play Dead (Tim Simenon Orchestral Mix) (Play Dead)

Concrete Blonde: Tomorrow, Wendy (Bloodletting)

The Nefilim: Melt (The Catching of the Butterfly) (Zoon)

Paradise Lost: Mercy (One Second)

The Escape: Storm in the Night (Celtic Circle Sampler - Part Three)

Moby: New Dawn Fades (Animal Rights)

Current 93: A Gothic Love Song (live) (Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London)


The Sisters of Mercy: Lucretia My Reflection (Floodland)

Swans: Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Lovely Creature (Murder Ballads)

Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi's Dead (1979-1983 Volume One)

Dead Kennedys: Police Truck (Holiday in Cambodia b/w Police Truck…)

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Substance)

Mana Mana: Maria Magdalena (Complete… Kaikki)

Type O Negative: Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) (Bloody Kisses)

Verenpisara: Nuoli (Aamunodottaja)

The Cure: Burn (The Crow OST)

Miranda Sex Garden: Peep Show (Peep Show)

Ordo Equilibrio: Conquest, Love & Self-Perseverance. The Gospel of Aptitude (Conquest, Love & Self-Perseverance) [*Yleisötoive*]


27.9.2003 KMY:n 5-vuotisjuhla

"Ye", mahdollisimman monta aiemmista vieraistamme ja vähän muutakin
Trevor Jones - Nunc Dimitus (Hideaway OST)

Brighter Death Now - Soul In Flames (Necrose Evangelicum)

IRM - Inside the Skull of a Mannequin (Oedipus Dethroned)

Apoptose - Unter Bewusstsein (Nordland)

Ulf Söderberg - Den Viskande Solen (Vindarnas Hus)

Letum - Ictus (The Entrance to Salvation)

Coph Nia - Hymn to Pan (Shape Shifter)

Victoria - The Future is Today [ei julkaistu]

Sophia - Watching it Drown (Death, Dumb and Blind)

The Protagonist - The Puritan (A Rebours)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Yesterday brings but a Serpent of Ash (4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust & Roses)

Der Blutharsch - #9 ("Patria et Libertas") (Der Blutharsch)

Von Thronstahl - Path of St. Michael (E Pluribus Unum)

Nest - Call of the Wild (Woodsmoke)

Sine Nomine - Spirit of Source (Amenia Amanitas)

Bad Sector - Ampos (Ampos)

Grunt - Media Myth of Murder (Getting Away With Murder)

Inade - Chapel Perilious (The Crackling of the Anonymous)

KLV - Kannel (KLV/Viikate 7" split) - Vihollinen (Dogs Of Total Order)

Niko Skorpio - Retrohacktivist (Stainway to Heaven)

Moljebka Pvlse - L_rk [ei julkaistu]

MZ.412 - Legion Ultra I (Legion Ultra)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Current 93 - Imperium I (Imperium)

Megaptera - Don't Desecrate the Dead (The Absolute Supper)

Free Death - I Wanna Fuck an Elf (Part 2) (Let It Snow!)

Raison D'etre - The Slow Ascent (The Empty Hollow Unfolds)

Tenhi - Kuolleesi Jokeen (Väre)


Reutoff - Morn (ReuTRauM II)

NON - Total War (In the Shadow of the Sword)

Jussi Raittinen - Uraliin (Korsu Soi)

Death In June - Come Before Christ And Murder Love (DISCriminate)

Tapani Kansa - Kirje Isältä (Korsu Soi)

Arcana - My Cold Sea (Inner Pale Sun)

Blood Axis - Lord of Ages (Blót: Sacrifice in Sweden)


The Sword Volcano Complex - Under the Paw (Phosphorescent)

The Urania News - Pusher (Reform)

Depther - The Shadow Gazer (Altar State)

Halo Manash - Ulterior (Se Its En)

L.E.A.K. - #7 (The Old Teahouse)

Vangelis - Procession (The City)


Fetish Club Turku VIII, 08.11.03

"Jiituomas"; kokeellista, EBM:ää ja vanhoja mutta rakkaita vinyyleitä


(* Yleisötoiveet merkitty tähdellä)


Coph Nia - Prime Mover [Sex Mix] (Nunsploitation)

Kirlian Camera - The Limit (Unidentified Light)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Sandra - (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (The Long Play)

Tenhi - Sutoi (Väre)

Arcadia - Election Day (So Red the Rose)

Ulf Söderberg - Hennes Vingars Skugga (Tidvatten)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Black Night White Light (Welcome to the Pleasuredome)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Tango for the Concession of the Suspended Princess (Cocktails Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography)

Depeche Mode - Shake the Disease (The Singles 81>98)

Dust Brothers feat. Tyler Durden - This is Your Life (Fight Club DVD Special Edition)

The Power Station - Some Like It Hot (The Power Station)

Death In June - Hand Grenades and Olympic Flames (Operation Hummingbird)

Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick (1979 - 1983 Volume Two)

>SPK< - Walking On Dead Steps (Auto Da Fe)


Soma - Get Thee Behind Me (The Fire This Time)

Tarmvred - Fixtur Tre (Tarmvred And Iszoloscope Do America) - Kaaos (Neural Architect)

Ooomph! - Gekreutzigt [Single Version] (Gekreutzigt)

Ricky Martin - She Bangs (Sound Loaded)

Hellsau - Taste [Birmingham 6 Salvation Rrmx] (Awake the Machines)

*Judas Priest - Turbo Lover (Turbo)

Danzig - I Don't Mind The Pain (IV)

Kotiteollisuus - Helvetistä Itään (Helvetistä Itään)

Kiss - Lick It Up (Lick It Up)

The Cassandra Complex - Dion Fortune (Wetware)

Faith No More - Epic (The Real Thing)

Rage Agaist The Machine - Wake Up (Rage Against The Machine)

Sohon Torwet ja M.A.Numminen - Yes Sir, Olen Boogie (Yön Ääniä)

Laibach - WAT (WAT)

Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser [edited version] (Mindphaser)

Machine Park - Watchmen (Swamp World)

The KLF - Last Train to Trancentral [Live from the Lost Continent] (The White Room)

Giant Robot - Helsinki Rock City [Jonny B: Helsinki vs. Jyväskylä remix] (Urban International)


Motörhead - I Ain't No Nice Guy (March Ör Die)

Mötley Crüe - Smokin' In The Boys Room (Theatre of Pain)

Verenpisara - Nuoli (Aamunodottaja)

*Covenant - Theremin [Club Mix] (Electrocity Vol. 8)

Pan Sonic - Uranokemia [narrated "The Whore of Babylon" version] (The Fire This Time)

:Wumpscut: - Ewig (Boeses Junges Fleisch)

Illmatic feat. Xavier Naidoo - I Got U Stripped (Illastration)

Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Discography)

*Manowar - Blow Your Speakers (Fighting the World)



Fetish Club 8, 24.1.2004

"Jiituomas", Apatian karkoitusta rytmeillä


(yleisötoiveet merkitty tähdellä)


Steven Stapleton & David Tibet - The Dead Side of the Moon (Musical Pumpkin Cottage)

Iggy Pop - Livin' on the Edge of the Night (Black Rain OST)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (WhiteLight from the Mouth of Infinity)

Kiss - Love Gun (Love Gun)

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Rebel Yell)

Coph Nia - Hymn to Pan (Shape Shifter)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - In High Heels through Nights of Broken Glass (C.C.C.P.)

Älymystö - So Down (Demonstration Fall 2003)

Cloama & Blutleuchte - 2 (Cloak of Darkness) [ei julkaistu]

Giant Robot - Urban International (Crushing You with Style)

Paleface - Right and Exact (Quarterpast)

Sepi Kumpulainen - Mä oon mahtava mies (Sepi Kumpulainen)


* Klamydia - Kikka (Los Ce

(- esitys -)

Édith Piaf - Johnny Tu N'es Pas Un Ange (35'e Anniversaire)

Army of Lovers - Ride the Bullet (Massive Luxury Overdose)

Icon of Coil - Access and Amplify [edit] (Access and Amplify)

Londonbeat - I've been Thinking about You (In the Blood)

VNV Nation - Honour [Memorial Mix] (Moonraker vol. 4)

Sunscreem - Exodus (Exodus)

Abba - Voulez Vous (Gold)

Apoptygma Berzerk - Bitch (Soli Deo Gloria)

Jam & Spoon ft. Plavka - Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo)

Paula Koivuniemi - Aikuinen Nainen (20 Suosikkia - Aikuinen Nainen)

* Kotiteollisuus - Jos Sanon (Tomusta ja Tuhkasta)

IRM - The Stage (Oedipus Dethroned)

Sonar & Monolith - Silk Shades (Shadow-Boxing)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax MCMXCIII (Relax)

Leslie Uggams - I Am What I Am (La Cage Aux Folles)

Basil Poledouris - The Orgy (Conan the Barbarian OST)

The Sword Volcano Complex - The Other Side of the World (Phosphorescent)

(- esitys -)

Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her? (Very)

Laibach - Hell:Symmetry (WAT)

Ace of Base - Young and Proud (Happy Nation)

Front 242 - Headhunter 2000 [Funker Vogt Mix] (Headhunter 2000 g.m.)

Ricky Martin - La Bomba (Vuelve)

Panic on the Titanic - Stripped Down (Gold, Clouds, Desire)

Army of Lovers - Say Goodbye to Babylon (Massive Luxury Overdose)




Radium VII, 9.4.2004




Propergol - La Vie En Rose (Renegade)

Restcure - Intro [Instrumental demo version] (ei julkaistu)

Sleeping with the Earth - This Iron Lady (The Laughing Man)

Sektion B - Everyone's a Killer (Getting Away With Murder)

M.F.S. - Vortex (M.F.S.)

Jens Hedman - Relief (Currents)



Hellsau - Airborne (Vain)

B.E.T.H. - Harsh (Apocalypse Now Vol. 2)

Institut - Grey Ground (Great Day to Get Even)

Sonar & Monolith - Silk Shades (Shadow-Boxing)

IRM - The Stage (Oedipus Dethroned)

Mono No Aware & Citric Acid - Live at U-Club (Shadow-Boxing)

Tarmvred - Primitive Germanic (Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred)

Noize Creator - Nazis are a Waste of Flesh (The Lift Races with 156Miles per Hour)

Ah Cama-Sotz - Estigmas (La Procession De La Sangre)

C/A/T - Dying Morality [Blank Stare mix by Free Death] (Dying Morality)



8.5.2004 Negru Pvlse & Sine Nomine

DJ Ye (Yleisötoiveet merkitty tähdellä)


The Sword Volcano Complex - The Honeybees Arrive (Phosphorescent)

Henrik Summanen - Morning (Mellan Himmel och Hav OST)

Propergol - Swat-police (United States...)

M.F.S - Vortex (M.F.S)

Ibrahim Terzic - Drools Purple Light (dva)

Namanax - Aquanax (alt.noise)

Genocide Organ - At Judas (Mind Control)

Älymystö - Kilpisjärven Talvi (Demonstration Fall 2003)

MZ.412 - Necrotic Birth (In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi)

Atrium Carceri - Inner Carceri (Cellblock)

Ulver - Track 1 (Lyckantropen Themes)

Jam & Spoon - Castaneda Future Illuminations (Tripomatic Fairytales 2002)

Hei - Junia ja Laivoja Akureyriin (Laivoja ja Junia)

Deutsch Nepal - Auto Gamic Drummers (Comprendido!... Time Stop!)

Amba - Black Mountains (The Fire This Time)

Inade - Chapel Perilious ( The Crackling of the Anonymous)

Halo Manash - siE Lus tO (Par-Antra I: Vir)

Sophia - Dirt (Spite)

Coph Nia - To Fix the Shadow (Shape Shifter)


Apoptose - Unter Bewusstsein (Nordland)

Beyond Sensory Experience - The State of the World (Ratan)

Dystopia - Technocracy (The Second Dawn)

Cataclyst - The Gawds are Still at Karnak I (Monuments of a Rubicund Age)

Bad Sector - [Some Gods] (Ampos)

Niko Skorpio - Retrohacktivist (Stainway to Heaven)


* Severed Heads - I Stand on My Head (Goodbye Tonsils)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

* Cabaret Voltaire - Second Too Late (Original Sound of Sheffield 78-82)


Inner Glory - War is Forever (Avdacia Imperat)

* Current Ninety Three - Niemandswasser (Sleep Has His House)

Dream Into Dust - Invictus (Avdacia Imperat)

Arcana - Hymn of Absolute Deceit (...The Last Embrace)

* Swans - You Know Nothing (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

:Of the Wand and the Moon: - Let it be Ever Thus (Lucifer)

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - 4 Roses, Iron flames and Phoenix falls (4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust & Roses)

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Tomorrow Belongs to Me)

* Genocide Organ - White Power Forces (A Functional Chapter of Sexual Process)



12.5.2004 Savukeitaan S/M-teemainen runoilta

DJ Ye, raskasta musiikkia runojen välissä)


Taustamusiikkina ennen klubia:

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Swans - You Know Nothing (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Swans - Will We Survive (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Swans - Love Will Save You (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Swans - Miracle of Love (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Swans - When She Breathes (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

The Protagonist - Mutability (A Rebours)

Current Ninety Three - Niemandswasser (Sleep Has His House)

Apoptose - Unter Bewusstsein (Nordland)

Archon Satani - Another Great Moment in Paradise (The Righteous Way to Completion)

Letum - Ictus (Entrance to Salvation)

Raison D'etre - The Hidden Hallows (The Empty Hollow Unfolds)

Android Lust - Stained [Video Edit] (Projekt 2003:2)

Front 242 - Crushed (05:22:09:12 OFF)

Monster Magnet - Space Lord [LP Version] (Space Lord)

Sister Machine Gun - Temptation (Metropolis)

Victoria - The Future is Today (ei julkaistu)

Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up (Rage Against the Machine)

Gravity Kills - Disintegrate (Perversion)

White Zombie - Super Charger Heaven [Adults Only mix] (Supersexy Swingin' Sounds)

Eisbrecher - Schwartze Witwe (Eisbrecher)

KMFDM - Virus (Virus)

Holy Gang - Free! Tyson Free! (Free! Tyson Free!)

Marilyn Manson - Deformography (Antichrist Superstar)

Killing Joke - Millennium (Pandemonium)

The Republic of Desire - Memory Manager (2.0 Beta)

Mokoma - Teon Teoriaa (Mokoman 120 Päivää)

Mana Mana - Ruusu, tulppaani ja peyote (Murheen Laakso)

Kotiteollisuus - Kädessäni (Tomusta ja Tuhkasta)

The Cassandra Complex - Dion Fortune (Wetware)

Dystopia - Core Melt (The Second Dawn)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)




11.9.2004 Arcana & Cloama




Allerseelen - Licht (Stirb und Werde)

Current93 - The Long Shadow Falls (All the Pretty Little Horses)

David Tibet - Skull of my Father (Hypnagogue)

Backworld - The Devil´s Plaything (MM)

Johnny Cash - Hurt (American IV: The Man Comes Around)

Boyd Rice & Friends - People (Music, Martinis and Misanthropy)

Death in June - Many Enemies Bring Much Honour! (Fire Danger Season)

Current93 - The Frolick (All the Pretty Little Horses)

Coil - Tainted Love (Scatology)

Ulver - Hallways of Always (Perdition City)

Tarmvred - subfusc 1 (Subfusc)

Coph Nia - Holy War pt.1 (Holy War EP)

Der Blutharsch - 16 (Der Sieg des Lichtes Ist des Lebens Heil!)

NON - Introduction (In the Shadow of the Sword)

NON - Total War (God & Beast)

Foresta di Ferro - Harmony of Pen & Sword (Bury Me Standing)

Occidental Martyr - Hail! The White Grain (Occidental Martyr)

Knifeladder - Scorched Earth (Organic Traces)

Throbbing Gristle - Discipline

IRM - The Celebration of the Untouched Skin (Oedipus Dethroned)

Whitehouse - Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel (Bird Seed)

Indica - Ikuinen Virta (Ikuinen Virta)

Whitehouse - You Don´t Have to Say Please (Great White Death)


Ye I:

Test Dept & Brith Gof - Arddyledog Ganu (Gododdin)

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud - 3 (Rest on your Arms Reversed)

The Protagonist - The Puritan (A Rebours)

Orplid - Das Schicksal (Orplid)

Swans - Power and Sacrifice (White Light from the Mouth of Infinity)

Valentino - Yvonne koira

Trial of the Bow - The Two Sacred Tapestries of Persia (Ornamentation)


Ye II:

Soeur Marie Keyrouz - Alleluia (3 fois) (Chant Byzantin: Passion and Resurrection)

S.Q.E. - Jolanda X (The Abyss Stares Back)

Tervakello - Eaforisztazs (Tervakello)

Niko Skorpio - Call II: Entering (Book of Flies)

Hei - Junia ja laivoja Akureyriin (Laivoja ja junia)

Genocide Organ - Elders of Zion (Mind Control)

*Karjalan Sissit - Kunnia Isänmaa (Karjalasta Kajahtaa)

Teatteri Moderni Kanuuna - Le Fetin rakennusaikeen paljastus (Oopperse Le Feti Le Grande Anaale)

*SPK - Chamber Music (Leichenschrei)

Troum - Ignis Sacer (Tjukurrpa Part Three: Rhythms and Pulsations)

*Haus Arafna - Last Dream of Jesus (Children of God)

Moljebka Pvlse - Jiken (Evolved as One)

Ure Thrall - Breathing (Evolved as One)

*(Aac) Indica - Ikuinen Virta (Ikuinen Virta)

John Goes Noise: John Coltrane - My Favorite Things (Plays it Cool) vs. Gelsomina - Disease With a Purpose part 1 (Disease With a Purpose)